Tree Surgery...
Natural Land Management are experienced in all aspects of tree care. Services include tree surgery, tree felling and dismantling,pruning and reductions, deadwooding and crownlifting, thinning, stump grinding, root investigation work, hazard assessment, consultancy and more! Our tree surgeons are fully qualified and insured and we undertake both commercial and domestic work.

Our main areas of operation are:

Crown thinning: Usually undertaken to allow more light to pass through the tree, minimise wind resistance and reduce the strain on the tree of heavy branches. The work involves removal of smaller and secondary live branches but does not alter the size or overall shape of the tree.

Crown lifting: The lower branches of the tree are removed. Branches for removal are carefully selected so that the overall health of the tree is not affected.

Crown reduction: Reduces the height and spread of the tree but retains it's natural overall shape, so reducing the trees impact on neighbouring structures.

Formative pruning:For younger trees this involves removing crossing branches and secondary leaders to encourage better growth.

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